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Sometimes you have to wonder if life is worth living. To stop and look around you at the entirety of your life and just think. Is this life of mine worth living? That's what I used to wonder everyday. But, now, I just go on.
My name is Donnie Splatter. It used to be a joke on how my name matched my would-be-demise. "Donnie, Donnie, Donnie gonna Splatter! Donnie, Donnie, Donnie gonna die!" Weren't kids just the nicest back then? Sadly, I did "splatter." All over my neighbor's empty pool floor. That though, is for later. Right now, I'll start my tale from the beginning. It was the first day of freshman year at the local-- and only-- high school of Kitchuwa Springs and I stood at the bottom of the stairs...
I looked up to the big, crumbling building that was Morgan Hail's High School. Named after the founder of the school, and the first principal, Morgan Hail has been around since 1936. The years went by and the little school grew and stretched out. The first 10 room, one fl
:iconiylover4life:iylover4life 1 2
If all the world had a friend we would never be lonely
We would never have to toss and turn at night
With problems buried deep inside
We could share our feelings
Lighten the load
If only everyone had a friend
A person to which there is no substitute
Irreplaceable and beloved
So close to us we feel complete
Lost and empty inside
If they're not there for us
All the world needs someone
To trust
To love
To just be with
A friend
:iconiylover4life:iylover4life 3 3
Mature content
True Smiles :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 1 7
Mature content
Different -poem- :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 5
Haji by iylover4life Haji :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 2 Different by iylover4life
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Different :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 1 2
Yaoi Fan Girl Flag by iylover4life Yaoi Fan Girl Flag :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 3 My Name by iylover4life My Name :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 2
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One Night Stand No More :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 9 8
Mature content
To the End :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 0
Mature content
A Lullaby :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 3
Catching Butterflies
A mystery of mysteries
Of this I will admit
To see a butterfly
In this barren wasteland
For some time now,
My health has been low
And the doctors come by
With their glasses and their gin
I prefer a softer sound
The breeze through the forest trees
And then the forest faded
And I was left only with twigs
Brown dirt - a desert of it
Covered the world of men
I lay myself down under the sky
And look up to the stars shimmering
Yet as I stare at the unchanging sea of lights
What should I see but a butterfly
I lift up my hand
For I wish to catch it
And hold it to my heart
But it's out of my reach
Slowly, I stood, dizziness overcoming me
But I ignore it
My sights are set only to the butterfly
That flaps its colorful wings like a beacon
I will follow this little butterfly
Wherever she shall lead me
And once I catch this butterfly
I'll find the freedom, so let me be
:iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 3
Mature content
Murder by Suicide :iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 14
Not all faeries are pretty and pink
With wings of golden brilliance
Some faeries hide in the dark
And only come out when you sleep
Some cannot escape the shadows
That blinds them where they are
Such things many don't realize
But you can see it
In the eyes of a child
The child knows the faerie is near
The child realizes that not everything
Can be seen in two colors
But woe, for the imaginary friends are fleeing
As the child's wings are clipped
Nothing can stop the disbelieving
The child now believes
There are no such things as faeries
Someone does dare declare
But where is the proof of such a thing?
It doesn't exist
It doesn't have any footing here
And one day the child will grow old
And with a sigh, they'll say
Not all faeries in the land
Are pretty and pink with sunshine wings
Look for the other faeries
The one who aren't afraid
To hide in darkness and bask in shadow
For they are the ones that bring change
:iconiylover4life:iylover4life 3 2
Falling Star
When you were there for me
To catch me when I fell
I only hope to return the favor
But I never got the chance
To catch you, catch you falling
To catch me, as I fall
Is to catch a falling star
As she shoots through heaven
To catch her, she runs away
To catch me, I only ask that you find me
I want you to let me go
Let me leave and let me die
Don't mourn for me too long
I'm already gone from your heart
And I will never come home again
Life without you
Will never be the same
But through all the days
I'll always be your
Falling star
I'm a falling star
Coming home to you
Holding me tightly
In the days that are flying
You know I'm a falling star
The darkness that surrounds me
Blocks off your loving light
As I fall from the skies
I see no one there
And I realize, I'm just me
I'm a shining star
A shining, bright little star
Yet you never loved the star
You loved the Me inside
Of the little fallen star
A falling star
That dims so slowly
A falling star
With no one around
To catch her
A little wis
:iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 2
My Life
My blood runs cold,
When our eyes met
My heart stops,
When he comes towards me
My body aches,
When he throws me against the wall
My vision blurs,
When he kicks in my ribcage
My blood spills,
When he cuts my wrists
My bones break,
When he crushes my body
My soul dies
When he says "I hate you"
This is my life because...
I love him
:iconiylover4life:iylover4life 0 10


Come Back to Bed- Snow Leopard by shiverz Come Back to Bed- Snow Leopard :iconshiverz:shiverz 201 65 Canis Cowboyus by celesse Canis Cowboyus :iconcelesse:celesse 2,037 487 id ego superego by surreal32 id ego superego :iconsurreal32:surreal32 28 37 Yaoi Banner by waterbender1012 Yaoi Banner :iconwaterbender1012:waterbender1012 3 6 Evil Genius Gal Pals by thedarklordkeisha Evil Genius Gal Pals :iconthedarklordkeisha:thedarklordkeisha 512 136 .Stamp. Warning: Yaoi by KillMePleaseGod .Stamp. Warning: Yaoi :iconkillmepleasegod:KillMePleaseGod 102 25 WARNING by AriaMiyazakii WARNING :iconariamiyazakii:AriaMiyazakii 11 28 Yaoi pervs warning by Spectral131
Mature content
Yaoi pervs warning :iconspectral131:Spectral131 19 16
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Killing Is Dark Amusement
United States
I'm Sami! :D I'm random, loud, weird and just epically awesome! I love to write and reading is my drug <3

(more to add later...maybe. [I'm lazy])

Current Residence: Florida =__=|||
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Heavy/Death Metal, Punk-Rock,
Favourite cartoon character: Sesshoumaru(InuYasha),Double-D(EEnE),..other characters (im just too lazy to write them all)
Personal Quote: Perceive me as you wish. Label me as you like. Call me what you want. I'll still be me.
  • Listening to: I Can't Decide - Scissor Sisters
  • Reading: Yaoi = w=
So, yes.

Um, hmm..
Came back home for like two months, rather nice.
Didn't see everyone I wanted to.
Saw some people I did.
Saw people I wish I never met.  > .>
I wish I did get to see more people.
But, eh, maybe it's for the best? I'unno.

Also, I'm thinking of getting a new dA. Start putting things up there. I'unno. All in the work.

Also, my phone sort of diedified. If you've been calling or trying to reach me that's probably why you don't have an answer.
Um, I'll probably get a new phone with the same number later. Currently I have a temporary phone that I despise but, eh, phone.

Don't know what more to say.
Oh, writing a story, sort of. I come back to them every so often. It's gaining length but it's basically has no real structure. More like I jot down whatever comes to mind and sort of tie them together.


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